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We will not be blackmailed

So it’s been a while since I wrote a post but today I feel that we need to talk about something important when it comes to buying a digital product, let’s talk about refunds. I really do hope that you read this whole post, as I’ve always tried my very best to be honest, and open with this community as I love helping everyone in that uses Divi.

So here the thing at the bottom of every page on Bolt Themes is a link to our T&C where we mention our refund policy which basically says “Due to the nature of our product, refunds are not available.” but even though we technically don’t do refunds, I have refunded customers who have actually had issue that was not resolvable or our support for them had fallen through the crack. (Which I hate, which is why I am looking for a support person.)

So today I told a customer that I will not refund him as he made a decision to move from WooCommerce to another eCommerce plugin and he has resorted to blackmailing me, threatening to write a blog post trashing our products and posting it all over social media and here the thing before he threatened me I was actually considering giving him a refund but I WILL NOT BE BLACKMAILED. Below are some of the emails I have received from him.

Ok now that the blackmail part is out the of the way let me tell you why we picked such a hard refund policy and when will actually issue a refund.

So when I started Bolt Themes I actually didn’t have a refund policy for the first 3 months as I had not given it any thought but due to no refund request and the fact that I what I had learned over those 3 months was that unhappy customer, would be happy if you helped them fix the issue that they were having, I had also seen some other Divi company who also had a no refund policy in place so not just me who has picked this refund route.

So here the scenario with digital products, once you’ve downloaded a digital product such as our plugin, we have no way of knowing that you will really delete our products and never use them again, so how would you like spending hours creating something and then you issue a refund because someone say they will delete you product and you one day found out that they still using your hard work after you gave them their money back. How would that make you feel? you most likely will feel angry right? that why I picked this refund policy for our products.

Okay, now here when I will consider a refund policy.

The plugin is breaking your website and we can’t fix it.
Their feature that we can’t implement within your timeline (If it a feature we’ve promised)
If we have not responded to support tickets in a timely manner (Again I am looking to hire a support person)

Reason we will not refund for:
You bought without reading what the plugin does
You threaten us, not a chance
you’ve picked another route for your site

I am sorry that this person is not happy with my decision to not refund him.

James Fosker

James Fosker

James is the Founder of Fosker Media and Divi Stride, when he not busy working with clients or building tools for the Divi Community he likes to travel and see the world.