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The Bolt Update 2016

I just wanted to update everyone on what’s been going with Bolt Themes as I know we’ve been rather quiet in the community lately which I’m not too proud of as I love being involved in the Divi community and helping people solve their Divi-related issues. here a bit more on what we’ve been busy with and why we’ve been so quiet.

Burned out:

I spent a lot of time last year setting myself really unrealistic deadlines with Bolt Themes while trying to do other client work, I actually got quite a few irritated people send me a few messages asking why I kept pushing the release date on Digit theme back which was not my intention I had planned to release it by it had a few issues, it still has not been released sadly. So I ended up burning myself out which is why I took January off from all work.


Over the last weekend of January my MacBook Pro was stolen 🙁 which I had not backed up in a while so I lost all the latest versions of plugins and child themes I had been working on, that were going to be released this week, luckily some of the first version of what I had been working on were uploaded to demo’s site to make sure they were working 100%, so at least, I have a starting point with redeveloping them.

A friend has lent me his old laptop which allows me do some work but it pretty slow which is why I need to try to buy something soon so I can get my workflow back to normal.

Plugin sale:

To help raise funds to replace my MacBook Pro I’ve decided to mark the plugin downs to help raise some funds so if you have not purchased one of my plugins please consider it as I really need to get back to a decent machine (one that photoshop will work on).

Product release timeline:

now that I’ve lost most of my new product releases are rather delayed but the first product will be released in 7 days and the rest will follow shortly after.
Aweh Child Theme for backpacker and guesthouse 23/02/2016
Digit Child Theme 23/03/2016
Gavel Child Theme 18/03/2016
Divi Commerce V2 15/04/2016
Divi Leads TBA
Extra widgets TBA

Some people have requested some features they would like to have added to Divi so I am looking at building a plugin that will add these features into Divi not sure where it will fit in with the current product timeline as it looks like a big one to develop, already have a massive product in the pipeline so working on 2 might be a bit much.

I do reserve the right to push release dates back if I need to but I’m going to try my best to make these release dates work.

Member area:

I’ve been busy working on putting together a little member area with better documentation, support and coupon codes for our products so that our loyal customers can see how much we value them. this section of the site will be released on 15 March alongside The Gavel Theme.

Thank you for all your support over the last year I hope together to make this year a memorable one for me and for you, I really do love and appreciate this community 🙂

James Fosker

James Fosker

James is the Founder of Fosker Media and Divi Stride, when he not busy working with clients or building tools for the Divi Community he likes to travel and see the world.