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sendinblue review

Since I first started an online marketing business in 2011 MailChimp has been my go to email provider for email marketing campaign, over the last year I started using ManDrill as sometimes my emails from my website were not being delivered and ManDrill was a much more reliable tool for my business, about 3 months ago their parent company MailChimp announced that they were going to merge their 2 products together, which made it one of the most expensive solution for email marketing and transactional emails.

Sendinblue got my attention by how many emails you got for free and the fact that they had a transactional email system in place.

Feature comparison:

MailChimp has a lot of great features but most of them now require you to pay for those extra features which can cost quite a bit, Sendinblue has got a nice little chart which shows the difference in features between the two companies.

sendinble vs mailchimp

You can see MailChimp is 4 times more expensive service for your business.

Creating a list:

Creating a list is super easy to do with Sendinblue once you’ve set a list you will need to add a contact by importing, adding a contact or copying and pasting them into your email list.

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Creating your first newsletter:

Creating a campaign is pretty awesome on sendinblue, to be honest, I just really like the fact that you can choose an unsubscribe template to use, which allows you to pick one specific to that list.

2016-04-05 (3)

There is some predefined layout to help you get started designing your newsletter faster, I much prefer the layouts it offers compared to the one which comes with MailChimp.

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Transactional Email:

Now that ManDrill is a part of MailChimps add-on services that cost $20 a month which is a lot more expensive than what you used to be able to pay for that service.

2016-04-05 (6)

Sendinblue gives you this services at a fraction of the price that MailChimp does, it works amazingly well I’ve been using it for over a week now and my emails are getting delivered on time.


I am quite new to automation never really found a good enough reason to use it but with a bigger emphasis, I am putting on building a better business and building communities in some very specific niches.

The sendinblue system involves adding some code to your website which results in showing some tracking, which then allows you create some scenarios for your certain sales funnels.

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Extra information:

Sendinblue requires quite a few emails back and forth with them to get certain features activated, firstly I recommend setting up all the things that they ask you to do on your account so that they can validate your account.

You will be required to email them to activate Transactional email & for Automation to be activated they will ask how you built your list and how you plan to use those features.


I am quite impressed with Sendinblue is definitely a great asset for anyone wanting to something more reliable than WordPress default mail setting or just looking for an email marketing tool that really allows them to grow their audience for their business.

James Fosker

James Fosker

James is the Founder of Fosker Media and Divi Stride, when he not busy working with clients or building tools for the Divi Community he likes to travel and see the world.