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What is Tighten

Tighten is a collection of Custom Divi Modules, Functions and customizers, Divi by default comes with a lot of amazing features but over the years there are few thing we have found our selves wishing for, which is why we built Tighten.

Custom Divi Modules

Our goal is to extend Divi current modules by tightening them up with features that we feel are missing from them, as well as building new modules that do not exist yet for Divi.


This plugin requires the following:

  • Self hosted WordPress
  • Divi Theme



Visual Builder: 

  • The visual builder does not currently support 3rd party custom modules, all custom modules have this issue and are waiting for Elegant Themes to give us the ability to add our modules to the visual builder

Custom Modules

  • Slider Tighten ( Fullwidth module )
  • Image Switcher
  • Image Overlay
  • Dual Buttons
  • Grow CTA ( Fullwidth module )



  • Clear Local Storage
  • Divi Library Shortcodes




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