Stride bundle

$85.00 $39.00

We’ve been working hard on finishing updates to our products, to give you the Divi Community tools that will help you achieve your website goals. The process of making our plugins visual builder compatible has taken quite some due to the learning curve of React JS and the fact that our plugins have multiple modules as we almost finished updating our products, we decided to do something crazy for the Divi community, hence this bundle where we are giving you 30% off our current products.

What's included

Divi Commerce is a plugin which allows you to take advantage of the Divi page builder on your WooCommerce product page, in it’s current form it includes customizer option for further styling other aspects of WooCommerce along with some additional functions.

Normal Price: $25

Tighten is a plugin which bundles 5 new Divi Builder modules into Divi, these modules are created to fill the gap between modules available in Divi and the modules we wish Divi included or modules that add to additional features. current modules are a fullscreen slider, dual buttons, grow cta, image overlay and image switch modules.

Normal Price: $25

Price is increasing with the update to $40
Section Style Manager is a plugin which allow you to add unique CSS section dividers to your divi section, with 17 section styles to choose from, to make your site stand out from the crowd.

Normal Price: $15

Base PRO is a Blank Divi Child Theme which has a few extra features packed into, like the ability to use layouts for your header, footer & 404 page, it also adds 18 additional social media option to the theme options.

Normal Price: $20

Bundle Price

$85.00 $39.00

Divi Commerce update

What is being done in this update (Aka The Product & Archive update):

  • Global layout (Build Global product layouts)
  • Archive Builder (Build WooCommerce category & tat pages.
  • Archive Modules
  • Product Modules
  • Bunch of new features
  • New settings page
  • a few misc settings

There are 3 more updates planned for this year for Divi Commerce, which will see more features added

Tighten update

What is being done in this update:

  • Visual Builder Support
  • Additional settings to Image Overlay Module
  • Additional settings to Image Switch
  • Additional settings to Grow CTA
  • Additional settings to Dual Button
  • Adding Multi Button Module
  • Adding Title Module
  • Adding Slim Optin Form

What about Base PRO & Section Style Manager updates?

These plugins are not affected by the Visual Builder, which means they don’t need updates at the moment but in saying that we are planning to update them both within the next few months with new features.


These products can be used on as many sites as you like, we don’t believe in limiting how many sites you can use these plugins on. This bundle has no yearly subscription tied to it, so it is a once off purchase for this sale and legacy customers as we are moving our products to subscription-based in the coming weeks. Products come with 6 months of support if you require support after that, you will require a support lisence, which will be available at $15 for a year of support.
But Wait there more!!! we have 3 new plugins planned for this year, which we are going to give to you a bonus extra when they are launched, they will be added to your account page, total additional value of $64

Why use The Divi Framework.

Divi is a leading WordPress theme which powers almost 2 million websites around the world, Divi makes building a website super simple as it has one of the most powerful drag and drop builders for WordPress.

We've been using Divi since December 2013 to help speed up client projects, it has made our workflow 1000% times better and has saved us countless hour everyday.

Divi Stride is a Divi Third Party developer, we spend countless hours building tools and resources for the Divi Community.

We are the creators of Section Style Manager (the 5th Divi Plugin to be released), Divi Commerce & Tighten.