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Outta Base Child Theme

Base Outta Child Theme is a blank Divi Child Theme which allows your header and footer area to be unboxed when you activate the Divi boxed layout.  Our base child theme also allows you to safely make changes to the Divi such as when you update Divi normally your changes would get wiped out but with Base, your changes will be safe.

Outta Base Child Theme is FREE!!!

Why use The Divi Framework.

Divi is a leading WordPress theme which powers almost 2 million websites around the world, Divi makes building a website super simple as it has one of the most powerful drag and drop builders for WordPress.

We've been using Divi since December 2013 to help speed up client projects, it has made our workflow 1000% times better and has saved us countless hour everyday.

Divi Stride is a Divi Third Party developer, we spend countless hours building tools and resources for the Divi Community.

We are the creators of Section Style Manager (the 5th Divi Plugin to be released), Divi Commerce & Tighten.