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Consistent Divi Footer

While working on a child theme we are busy getting to release by the end of today, I knew that our footer was not going to consistent on Divi default templates, like on blog post for instance because our footer was built with the Divi Page Builder and no-one has mentioned finding a way of achieving use of the page builder in the footer.

Our first idea was to try it with the Divi Footer Editor which we were given by another Divi plugin company, which we could have told guys to go and buy if they want the footer on every page, but the problem with this was the fact that it put everything under the Footer Menu.

Then a light bulb went off why not try to use a text widget in the footer column.

Here our screen recording of setting up our consistent footer using the text widget.

Step one: create a page to build your footer.
Step two: publish the page, change something and update so the revision option shows up(PS if you save your layout as global layout you can make updates to it from page you made for your footer.).
Step three: open widget in another tab, select footer widget area one and add text module.
Step four: start copying and pasting parts of the latest revision to your text widget.
Step five: Open theme customizer and select Footer, Layouts and select one column, also select a background colour to match your footer.
Step six: open up your Style.css or the custom CSS area in epanel and add the following line of CSS.

.et_pb_footer_columns1 .fwidget.et_pb_widget {
width: 100%!important;
max-width: 100%!important;

and save.
Step seven: refreash your website and have a look at your new more beautiful Divi Footer.

James Fosker

James Fosker

James is the Founder of Fosker Media and Divi Stride, when he not busy working with clients or building tools for the Divi Community he likes to travel and see the world.