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Cool Divi call to actions

Recently while working on a theme, I started thinking how we could make it easier to tell our site visitor which actions we wanted them to take and how we could highlight the important information they might be searching for. Personally, I’ve always loved the way Divi...

Consistent Divi Footer

While working on a child theme we are busy getting to release by the end of today, I knew that our footer was not going to consistent on Divi default templates, like on blog post for instance because our footer was built with the Divi Page Builder and no-one has...

Sleeker Divi Mobile Menu

Since Divi was released back in December of 2013 it has had incredible improvements made to the theme and it really has become the go-to theme for a lot of web designers and businesses who have focused on building their own websites using the theme. But the mobile...

Creating a unique Divi header

The other day I was redesigning one of my companies website to use Divi instead of the other theme I was using on it, when I thought lets try to create a smaller header that was not attached to top of our page, I liked how it looked, so I decided to see if anyone else...

Divi Stride is a Divi Third Party developer, we spend countless hours building tools and resources for the Divi Community.

We are the creators of Section Style Manager (the 5th Divi Plugin to be released), Divi Commerce & Tighten.

Support Days: Monday - Thursday

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