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Our journey as a Divi third-party developer dates back to 2015 when we were still creating tools for our client project’s and at the time the tool we created was needed for a lot of people who did not know how to achieve Section dividers, our product made adding those styles easier.

Since then we have continued to build on to our product offerings by adding more features, to our products and releasing new plugins to help you take your site to the next level.

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Divi Builder Mega Menu

Divi Builder Mega Menu

So over the last few years, I've seen this question asked time and time again, even more after the Extra theme was released, how to achieve that type of mega menu, This tutorial is going to cost you about $5 due to the one plugin we need for this effect. FYI: you can...

5 Women building awesome Divi websites

5 Women building awesome Divi websites

All around the world there are women who are achieving so many amazing things and reaching for their dreams, today is women's day in South Africa and I just want to take a moment to share with you 5 women in the Divi community who I think are building some incredible...

Removing backgrounds from images

Removing backgrounds from images

Recently Elegant Themes published a post about creating different styles that can be applied to the sign-up modules, my favourite was the bio sign-up where they have a photo of the person whose site it is sitting on top the sign-up. I know a lot of people might not...

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